Thursday, December 20, 2007


It happened again. He's kissing more girls. This week, at a play date with Lily (different Lily), there was more smooching. I guess when you are the only boy in an otherwise all girl play group, it's bound to happen, but seriously. He does seem to have a penchant for girls named Lily (or Lilly, as the case may be) and I suppose I should be happy that these girls come from good homes, with loving parents, and he's known each girl since she was only a couple of months old. It's hard to have more history than that when you're only one and a half. I guess if he's got to be smooching chicas, I'm happy he's keeping it within the play group and not randomly "muah'ing" cuties at Starbucks or the play ground.

In case you don't believe it is:

Ethan and his lovely lady Lilies.

Alone at you doin'?



gringa said...

Although he doesn't seem put off by it, clearly he is the "kissee"!

Andrea said...

Look at your little ladies man! I love it!