Monday, December 10, 2007

More Fun Than a Barrel Full of Croup

So I spent a good chunk of last night sitting outside on my front porch, Ethan, in his jammies and wrapped in Husband's fleece jacket, on my lap. He woke up at 10pm, which is unlike him (and ironic, considering it was as I was writing yesterday's post about his sleeping patterns), coughing and gasping for breath. NOT a sound a mother likes to hear.

After I spent 5 minutes freaking out & saying "We're going to the emergency room. We're going to the emergency room," Husband called the on-call doctor and was transferred to a nurse who told us to alternate a steamy bathroom with a bit of cold air to open up his air passages and if that didn't help, we had to bring him into the ER.

Well, it helped, but there was much rasping throughout the night. We avoided the ER, but didn't get much sleep. We were all superific happy today, I can tell you. Ethan coughed most of the day and wanted to hang out on the couch with me instead of running around--a sure sign that things just ain't right.

I am hoping we get through tonight without an ER visit, but if he's still hacking up a lung tomorrow I am taking him to the doctor's office, even though I know they're just going to say, "It's viral. Go home."

Sorry there's nothing else to report. Mama's beat.


Stephanie said...

Poor kiddo. I hope he feels better soon.


Amy said...

That sucks. I hope everyone is feeling better soon!

KMW said...

Poor E. And poor you! Thinking of you guys and am sure all will be well.

Alice said...

Poor little guy, hope you guys are on the mend!