Saturday, December 15, 2007

Daddy Issues

I can recall several months ago kvetching because the child was so attached to me that no one else could comfort him. When he was crying, he wanted me. At night, he wanted to cuddle with me.

Well, no more my friends. Ethan has decided that mommy is so ten minutes ago. I went out of fashion faster than parachute pants, my friends. One second everything was fine and paradise-like and the next second BOOM! mommy-history!

Who has captured his attention enough to make mommy so much proverbial chopped liver? Daddy. Who, by the way, I agree is pretty spectacular, but c'mon!!! Yeah, Ethan tolerates me all right during the day when I'm his only option (although, let's not forget if Miss Carlin is around, he is all about getting into her lap). But the second he hears the keys in the back door and knows that Daddy is on his way in, I am left in a cloud of dust that would shame the road runner right into retirement.

At night, if he wakes up, Ethan wants the comfort of Daddy's arms, not mine. I am actually not going to complain about this because I am getting some extra z's out of this and it's nice, I won't lie.

Just now Ethan woke from a nap well before it was time for him to get up, so I went up to snuggle him back to sleep. No dice. See, it's Saturday and the little man knows his father is somewhere in the house. That being the case, Mommy is way sub-par. I am only for mid-week nap wakings, people. So there was fussing and general, "you're not good enoughiness" going on until I called down the stairs to Husband to come rescue me from my nap-time incompetence. Alas, as soon as Husband got in there for the snuggle, all was well.

No worries. I know these things swing like a pendulum and it won't be long before I'm the favored parental unit once again. But jeez, kid; throw me a bone!


Anonymous said...

Wait until he wants to marry you!

Good times.

Amy said...

Perhaps you could use all this newfound time on productive endeavors. Liiiiike... surfing the net or reading US Weekly. You know, the important stuff!