Sunday, December 02, 2007

Too Much Time On My Hands...

There is little in this world as lovely as a sleeping child, my friends. Nap times are, while I miss the fun and noise of a runningaroundlikeacrazyperson Ethan, one of the best times of my day. But Ethan is a light sleeper, so I am now faced with 2-3 hours of every day where I can do what I want, as long as it makes no noise whatsoever.

So, I'll be blogging more. But not just on this particular blog. I've decided to branch out a bit and I've started a couple others as well.

As an exercise in abject humiliation, last year around this time I started a blog about trying to lose weight. As my will power to shed the pounds waned, so did my attention to that blog. Surprise, surprise, I still have weight to lose and I've decided to re-invest my time in that blog with the hopes that it will re-motivate me to get un-tubby. There is little motivation as powerful, I've found, as mortifying yourself in front of the world with your own chubby truth. Isn't that the point of Weight Watchers weigh ins? They say to you, "Oh, well, better next luck week!" when in their eyes you can see, "Oh, you poor slob. You'll always be chubby." So I guess "No More Fat Sarah" will be my very own WW-weigh in for the blogosphere to share.

The other blog was born today (note the language of my baby fever coming through--it is pathetic.) I recently discovered that there are a billion book blogs out there and for the past few days I have been salivating at my computer to the point where I am concerned about shorting it out. And considering I have all this time in the afternoon now, I am going to be doing a lot more reading, so I decided to jump on that bandwagon as well. As a former English teacher (well, an English teacher on hiatus more than "former", I guess), there is little in this world that (NERD ALERT!! NERD ALERT!!) makes me happier than reading and discussing a fantastic book. I've been missing that a lot in recent years; I no longer have 120 teenagers held captive on an daily basis with whom I can share this joy (they are, I'm sure, eternally grateful for that), and the reading group I'd been a part of before pregnancy has fallen by the wayside. So you can find me spouting off about books in "Frustrated English Teacher".

Both are linked in my profile. Feel free to take a peek if you get a chance.


Sarah said...

Oooh-- cool. I would love to read books that aren't about abortion, mothering, and Planned Parenthood (my dissertation topic). I'll have to check out the book blog. Also the weight blog-- just joined a gym today-- blahh. Happy naptime!

Lindsay & Kyle Margenau said...

I miss NaBloPoMo. Its been 6 days without an update from you! I had so much good reading during NaBloPoMo... :)