Saturday, December 08, 2007

Oh Channukah Bush, Oh Channukah Bush...

Um. I did the whole "I'm so ashamed. I'm such a bad Jew" schpiel last year, so I will spare you that formality. Please do note, though, that I still do feel twinges of "ohmigosh, what am I doing???" as they tie the tree to the top of my car. I promise myself that on the following Yom Kippur I will add a special line during the Vidui ("we covet, we bear false witness, we decorate a tree for the holidays....").

But without further ado, here are pretty, pretty pictures of our tree. Note the absence of any interest or enthusiasm on the part of Ethan. He did say "tee! tee!" several times when we first brought it into the house, and when I started putting shatter-proof (read plastic) ornaments on the tree, he did say, "ball! ball!", but after that he turned his attention to his daddy's blackberry. I am thinking he's waiting until it's just the two of us and I have my hands full with laundry or dinner and then he'll pounce. This apathy is just a clever little ruse to lull us into a false sense of security.

Welcome to the house that beige built...dear god, what is wrong with us?


Is my paci in here somewhere? No? Whatev. I'm out...

See? We ARE Jewish!

Fine, if you're going to manhandle me, I'll feign interest by touching this shiny ball. Is my paci in there?

Immediately after decorating the tree, we lit the menorah. I am so going to hell, aren't I?

Aaaaand, there it is. We are smack in the middle of a serious paci phase, people. The world might crumble if that thing isn't stuck in his mouth. I fear once this bout of teething is past, we are going to have to go hard-core on the paci-weaning, otherwise what could be his college tuition might be going to fix a killer overbite when he's 12. Please ignore the beige. Seriously, what is WRONG with us?!!

My holiday tree wants to (sing it with me, people) "get up on the floor and it wants to boogey oogey oogey 'til it just can't boogey no more...."

Plastic ornaments rock.

Since we're on the topic of "shiny things", I figured I'd brag on my glittery pears and pine cones centerpiece. I wish I could say I Martha Stewart'd out or something and made them myself with real pears and pine cones I gathered on a walk down a long country lane, but no. They are from Target. So all I did was throw them in a silver bowl with some blue marbles in the bottom of it. Yay me! But still, they're very purty, no?

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Jon said...

The star of david decoration for your tree goes nicely with our hannukah snowglobe that plays silent night!