Sunday, December 09, 2007

Sleep Training...

I am constantly amazed by how often people, both with kids and without, ask me about Ethan's sleep. I don't get this. I've never gotten it. In line at Starbucks. At dinner parties. Family gatherings. The only thing people want to know about my child, it seems, is how he is sleeping. What does this have to do with anything?

Well, I'll tell you. Better than he used to. These days, naps consist of lying down with him for 5 minutes or under until he is snoozing peacefully and then I have 2-3 hours to myself. It is a far cry from being the human mattress I was for the first year of his life.

Nighttime, as well, has come a long way. Even though the extent of our sleep training consists of Husband saying, "Tienes sueno?" and Ethan, as if on command, rubbing his eyes, at 7pm, he has managed to fall asleep (and stay asleep) for the better part of the night for the last several months. I definitely see the "tsk. tsk." behind peoples' eyes when I mention that we are co-sleeping. I've stopped caring about that.

Does he sleep ALLTHEWAY through the night? Nope. He wakes up 1-2 times for a few minutes at a time, just needing a quick cuddle to lull him back.

I know you didn't ask, and I hope I don't sound confrontational and I am in no way, shape or form saying that I think our way is the *right* way to do anything-we're just muddling along, making it up as we go, but it's right for us. Honestly, I just don't understand WHY this is such a big deal to people. I just feel like I should have this entire explanation tattooed on my forehead or printed up 1000x and laminated so I can hand it out to the next ass who dares to utter the words, "So, is he sleeping through the night?"


Lindsay & Kyle Margenau said...

GREAT post Sarah! As a mom of a 15 month old who has never once slept through the night - and promises to not do so in the immediate future - I agree, this comment gets old... Right along with "are you STILL nursing?!" - the subject of a blog I am writing right now! :) Sounds like Ethan is sleeping really well, I'm glad you are getting some rest finally!

Sarah said...

Oh my god-- I KNOW. We also co-sleep (after he wakes up the first time), and we are sooooo judged by all.

The sucky thing is that 12 months, he started STTN in his own crib-- just magically out of the blue, no sleep training, no nothing. Well, for the last month, he is an infant again-- up 3 or 4 times, drinking a crap ton of milk throughout the night-- the last 6 months of sleep are just a beautiful memory!

But yeah-- why do others care? I have no clue!

gringa said...

Wonderful... my stock answer for when is s/he going to sleep through the night, always was what my "stock" answer was to the question, when is s/he going to stop nursing:
"By the time s/he gets to college!"

That usually shut people up.

Alice said...

I have to say I totally sympathize with you on this post. We are co-sleepers because it's what works for us. I didn't start out with the intention to do it, but now, we are all happy and rested. If we weren't I'm sure I'd change something. I don't get why this is so important to other people, my sleep habits before I had a baby were not really on anyone's mind, I guess it's just a universal thing that people feel they can talk about and relate to. Keep doing what's right for you and your family regardless of what the judgers say.
BTW, if you laminate your spiel, can I get some copies?