Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hallmark, we are not...

Remember last year, when I got this shot:

to use for our holiday cards? It was so easy to pop him into an outfit, prop him up on a chair, make some noises, or shake a toy to get a smile and POOF!!! perfect picture.

Not so much this year.

Adorable? My G-d, YES. But, they are not the pictures that holiday cards are made of, unless there is a National Bellybutton Awareness Day I don't know about. Then I could definitely use the first picture in the set.


Amy said...

I think the first one would be HILARIOUS with some smartass caption!

Use it! Use it!

Anonymous said...

The perfect caption for photo #1:

I hope you get more than belly-button lint for Hanukkah.