Saturday, November 03, 2007

Heart of Darkness, be gone...

You may recall this summer, I posted about our plans to renovate our kitchen. And you might recall that at the end of September I posted about Ethan & I visiting my parents in South Carolina while the contractor ripped our kitchen to shreds. There may have even been a post in there showing some of the progress (which looked perhaps more like a war-zone than anything else) mid-renovation.

After six weeks of eating at restaurants breakfast, noon and night, of dusting every single day when the workers left (Ethan's first year of college turned into a six week supply of Swiffer duster re-fills) and of washing sippy cups in the bathroom sink, I am pleased to say, we have a new kitchen.

Now before I unveil the pretty, pretty kitchen (that I realize is WAY more exciting to me than it is to you), let's take a stroll down memory lane.

Here's the room the previous owners passed off as a "kitchen":

Well, it has a sink and a stove. It must be a kitchen. Right? Right?

So ugly. So sad.

The refrigerator that ate the kitchen.

Hello, hole in the wall and unfinished ceiling. You're looking mighty ghetto today.

Who said a door frame should be symmetrical?! What a silly idea. This is much, much better.

You know, looking back on those pictures, it really, really begs the question: What kind of crack were Husband and I smoking when we thought, "Hey, let's put an offer on that house!" Actually, when we put the offer in on the house, we were planning our wedding and I got pregnant mere nanoseconds after saying, "I do", so the "we'll renovate the kitchen right away" mantra we used to soothe ourselves with everytime one of us bumped into that damn door frame kind of ended up going by the wayside until, well, now...

Hello, pretty little addition. Hello, pretty tile flooring and butter yellow walls.

Hello, pretty view looking into the kitchen from what used to be the outside. Hello, pretty birthday flowers.

Mmmmm, pretty glass cabinets and under-cabinet lighting.

Hello, recessed lighting and above cabinet shelves. And wait a minute, is that a whole ceiling? Sigh....

Hello brand new entry way from the dining room to the kitchen. I love you the most. Thanks for being so perfectly freaking symmetrical and all. And hello, smaller refrigerator that doesn't give me nightmares.

Hello pretty counter top. I love you.

Initially we were of the mindset "we have to renovate so we can sell this dump some day." Now I kind of want to get my Betty Crocker groove on in this room and maybe actually cook something in it.


KMW said...

Beautiful! So clean. So shiny. So jealous!

Anonymous said...

Wow what a change. Fabulous. Enjoy it and use it well.

Amy said...

My preeessshhhhiioussssssssss!

That is one pretty, pretty kitchen. I love it! Very awesome.

Undercabinet lighting is the best. Seriously. It could change your life.

Becca said...

It's so wonderful! It almost makes me want to prepare a meal myself. Almost.

Alice said...

Beautiful! The transformation is incredible! I'm very jealous of such a warm, inviting kitchen. I'm so glad we got to see the finished product!

Susan T said...

Wow that kitchen is gorgeous! Let the gourmet cooking begin!

Sarah said...

what an aweosme kitchen! I love all the lighting. I am totally addicted to the Spice up my Kitchen show on HGTV, and yours looks even better than the ones they do!