Wednesday, November 21, 2007

You Gotta Be Kidding Me...

I spent 10 hours in a car with an 18 month old.  Oh, and over an hour in a Cracker Barrel on the side of I-95 waiting for, I guess it was?  

As Ethan and Husband napped in the backseat and I drove, I had an entire blog entry rolling through my head.  It was good.  It made me laugh and at one point, it gave me a big old lump in my throat.  I'm sure you would have liked it, buuuuuut I cannot remember it now.  Because my brain is fried.  What with all the traffic and the sound of Thomas the Train Engine coming from the backseat (yes, we busted out the portable DVD player for the first time ever).   I simply can't be expected to wax poetic or humorous tonight (do I ever really, though?  Actually, I do need to wax, but that's a thought for an entirely different blog).

So I am going to sleep.  I imagine I'll wake up at 4am with the same blog entry running through my head, urging me to get up and post the magic.  But I probably won't.   And when I wake tomorrow, the entry will probably be trapped somewhere in the dark recesses of my brainm never to be thought of again.   So as you're reading the fluff I post in the coming weeks and wonder why you bother to check in here (thanks, by the way), keep in mind that every once in awhile I really do have something interesting to say---it just doesn't always make it to the page. 

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