Monday, November 26, 2007

What Happens at Music Together, Stays at Music Together

I thought I had until at least 7th grade to prepare for this moment. Maybe at an awkward school dance, or maybe like me, Ethan would have his first kiss at his first co-ed birthday party, in the few moments when the adult chaperon left the room to get more "pizza rolls" out of the toaster oven. Granted, Van Halen's "Jump" probably wouldn't be playing on the cassette player and I'm kind of hoping it's not with a guy named Randy who buys him a pretty purse at the mall, but still...

I thought I had more time to mentally prepare myself for the idea of someone kissing my son. But that time ran out today.

One of the girls from our play group is also in our Music Together class and she is the sweetest little thing. She has always been a big hugger; she looooves to come up and give a big squeeze to Ethan. Up until recently, he has totally taken the "Ew. Girls have cooties" route and rebuffed her advances. I figured today there would be a similar, "Ugh, Lilly, you stinky girl, get away!!!!" response, as usual.

But that response never came. Instead, when Lilly approached Ethan to hug him, Ethan put his arms up awkwardly as well, and they found themselves in this wonky baby embrace that really had to be the toddler version of the stiff-armed 8th grade dance. "Awww, how cute," I thought, and assumed that would be the end of it.

It wasn't. Within moments of the hug, it happened. Miss Lilly puckered up, and Ethan, having recently learned to give Mama and Daddy kisses, leaned in for the prize. SMOOCH!

And, voila, that was my son's first kiss. Just shy of nineteen months, and he's already been kissed by a pretty girl. And not just once! Emboldened by the fact that he didn't eschew her hugs and her first kiss, Lilly expressed her admiration for the little man several more times during class. And lest you think she was the sole one point, she coyly walked to other side of the room and Ethan followed, arms out, looking for another smooch.

I lost count of the number of hugs and kisses they shared today. Lilly's mom and I could not stop laughing. I'm just sorry I didn't have a camera with me because really, this moment should have been documented with pictures. But since I didn't have my camera to capture the love today, here's a picture of Ethan and Miss Lilly from August, during play group.

Ethan and Lilly in more innocent days.


Lindsay & Kyle Margenau said...

Lilly looks so grown up! I haven't seen her in months. I miss playgroup! :( If anyone had to be his first kiss - I'm glad it was a playgroup baby! And with Ethan being one of only 2 boys (in a group of what, 12 girls??) it was inevitable he'd be a big catch! :)

Emi said...

omg.. you should get a "munchkin lothario on board" yellow sign for the car... :-).. you must bring a camera next time.. It's never too early to start those kind of convos.. says the sis-in-law the educator :)