Thursday, November 15, 2007

I knew this day had to come...

My son can take off his own pants.

After dinner, while I am trying to load the dishwasher (ah, the picture of pure domestic bliss...does it count if we had take out?), Husband yells, "Come here now!" and I nearly cut my legs off at the shin jumping over the dishwasher (remember, the kitchen is new, but it's tiny. If the dishwasher is open, the only way out of the room is over the dishwasher door). I go tearing into the living room, sure I am going to see blood or brains or some other form of catastrophe, such was the emphatic nature of Husband's call.

But no. Thankfully it was just Ethan, standing in the middle of the room with his pants down around his ankles, looking very pleased with himself. And Husband, laughing himself silly on the couch. We are so very NOT good at keeping a straight face when Ethan does things he shouldn't be doing. But really, people, the power of cute compels you.

So tack "disrobing" on to Ethan's illustrious list of accomplishments. Stay tuned for the next installment of this line of skill-building, which will be entitled, "There's Poop on my Walls", once Ethan learns to take off his diaper. Because you know that is coming next.

Good times.


Amy said...

He is so clever! At least you don't have to worry about him removing his pajamas since you are right there with him.

I think that scares me the most. The thought of coming into Jack's room in the morning and seeing a naked baby laughing and covered in poop is enough to send me into a panic.

Becca said...

IT HAPPENED TO ME. I found poop on my walls just the other day. And all over his arms and legs and crib and the floor. I am in the market for thumbless sleeping mittens for toddlers if you see anything like that.