Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Step Aside, Baby Spice...

So, I'm starting to think that maybe the pullout spice-rack drawer might not have been such a great idea after all. This was the scene that unfolded while I was trying to cook dinner (for the second night in a row, people!) Of course I had to stop what I was doing and whip out the camera to capture the discovery that was Ethan and the spice drawer. Dinner was, shall we say, a bit overcooked, courtesy of Mr. Cutiepants McGee.

Look at all these shaker toys! It's like Music Together, right in our kitchen, Mama!

Who's that hiding behind the Paprika?

Silly Mama, the tarragon goes up here.

Oh, great drawer of red-capped shaky things, how I love you...

This is where several of the spices found themselves: on the new, secret coffee table spice rack that I was unaware existed.

I got yer oregano right here, baby!

Oh, did you need these bay leaves for dinner? My bad.


Grandma Bear said...

Oh no, child locks ye gads! And when he realizes he can open them. I remember a story about me at about that age when my mother went to see a childless friend and I wandered into the kitchen. As I was veeery quiet, my mom (smart woman)became alarmed and when her friend said don't worry, she's not making any noise my mom said "that's why I'm worried"...and I had opened the pantry door and poured all the dry cereals she had into a neat pile on the floor! I can't imagine how long they ate multi-grain :-)

Amy said...

Ha! At least he's not climbing the shelves. Yet.

Lindsay & Kyle Margenau said...

ohmygod he's cute. And what an amazing cupboard idea - I am SO jealous.