Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday night, you ALMOST got me...

Is this month OVER yet?! Because seriously, I have never had less to say.

And that is saying something. No pun intended.

Thankfully the NaBloPoMo rules include nothing about having anything worthwhile to say. Just that you put something up every day. So here you go.

I am thinking of setting my alarm clock and getting up early next Friday and becoming part of the crazyass masses who trample each other at 5am to run like lunatics through the aisles, mindlessly grabbing at things and throwing them into a cart. Not because there is ANYthing on our list remotely that coveted. But because I've never done it and I figure that's one of those things that everyone should do at least once in their life.

And because I think it would make a freaking hilarious blog entry.


Sarah said...

Yes! I might do Black Friday, too just for grins. I actually may just hang at the Wal Mart in my hometown where I'll be for Thanksgiving and take pictures to submit to the Wal Mart blog.

lonek8 said...

when you hit black friday for clog fodder A) take a camera to document the loonies.
B) heckle them for being such dorks they got up so early to shop, completely ignoring the fact that you are up as well. haha!