Saturday, November 21, 2009

It's baaaaaack...

Remember that sinus infection I had about 2 weeks ago? I went to the doctor's office and sat around in the waiting room like this:

I took my five days of antibiotics and felt much better almost immediately. And since. Until yesterday.

Yesterday, I went through two boxes of tissues, coughed up one of my lungs and felt craptacular all over.

Today? Another box of tissues, the immense joy of actually being able to HEAR whatever is IN my sinuses popping as it shifts and jockies for space. All I can think of is those disgusting little mucus creatures in the Mucinex commercials, you know--this freak:

and I'm telling you, I want to gouge my sinuses out at the thought of him and his friends digging around in my head. I make Husband change the channel every time this little cretin comes on the screen because OMG, FREAKING DISGUSTING! And now he's in my head. Ugh.

So fine. On Monday, I'll go back to the doctor for another round of horse pills. Maybe I'll even get another one of those kicky face masks to sport at the doctor's office. Thankfully I've still got the Robitussin with codeine so I can sleep (mmmmm, codeine). Except that I have to get up tomorrow morning for another follicle check. So I can't really sleep too much. Which is awesome. Because when you're sick, nothing rocks it like getting up early.

But seriously. On Monday we've got a giant feast at Ethan's preschool. On Tuesday, family is coming into town. Somewhere in there I am hoping for a few hawt minutes in the stirrups with a turkey baster. On Thursday we are hosting Thanksgiving. And on Monday of the next week, Husband head out of town on business for eleven days. This is NOT the time for me to get all sicky. Again.



Sarah said...

Oh NO!! I LOLed at kicky face mask. Hope you feel better soon (soon enough for Turkey day and special fun alone with preschooler time)

Becca said...

Feel better soon!! That stinks in general AND crappy timing. Maybe some of your guests will take charge and send you to bed!

Mo said...

Ugh. Last year about this time I got back-to-back-to-back sinus infections coupled with some bronchitis thrown in for good measure—in case, you know, I didn't feel bad enough.

I know how miserable this is. I hope you feel better.