Monday, November 23, 2009

So, Two Things....

First of all, after reading this blog entry by my friend Sarah, I immediately ditched any notion of taking Ethan to Picture People, Sears or any other chain photography place for holiday card pictures. Not because I don't think they're great. I just dug up a bunch of Ethan's '06 holiday photos from Sears the other day and was a hot mess, what with the weeping and the "oh my preshus little babeeeeeeeeee"'ing I had going on. I freaking love these pictures. Let's take a moment to reflect on the blinding adorableness that was the infant Ethan.

Check out the baby feet that are so squishy and round before learning to walk. Nom nom nom nom

I also love that these pictures were taken before the first trimming of the old man comb-over he rocked for the first eight or nine months of his life.

Seriously. That butt? I know. Someday he will be beyond mortified that I have a picture of his butt posted on my blog. I don't care. I made that butt. I can put it on my blog

But after reading Sarah's post, I remember the panic-inducing chaos that revolves around those places during the holiday season and so I thank her from the bottom of my heart for sharing her harrowing ordeal and reminding me why I've not been in three years.

So yesterday instead of braving the mall crowds and the onslaught of glaring flash bulbs, stressed out moms on the edge, and H1N1 germs, Husband and I took Ethan to our neighborhood park, encouraged him to play in the leaves and smile a lot while we snapped upwards of 300 pictures in the hopes of finding two or three to slap on a holiday card.

I learned a couple of things yesterday. One is that we've entered the age of the cheesy grin and there is no going back. When you ask Ethan to smile now, his face scrunches up to such a degree that you're not sure he's smiling, or making the universal face for "I have to pooooooop!" He accompanies the face with his only DJ-scratch "ch-ch-ch-che-cheeeeesy-cheese-cheese!!!" every. single. time. If he's not giving you the scrunched-face smile and the hip-hop "cheese", he's giving you the back of his head. So when I say that Husband and I snapped 300 pictures yesterday, you kind of get the picture that at least 175 of them were the back of his head and another 100 were of the "ch-ch-che-cheesy-cheese-cheese" variety.

The other thing I learned? And I know I've said this before, but yesterday was a ton-of-bricks moment for me. There is absolutely no trace of baby left in my baby. In so many of the pictures we took, I can see what Ethan will look like as he grows up, not what he did look like when he was a baby. Now, I know I'm a case-du-basket these days anyway (thank you, Follistim for turning this drama queen into full-on lunatic these past two weeks. It's making our home life wicked fun!), but seriously. Look at these....

Right? It's unreal how grown up he looks. For farks' sake, in the last picture, it looks like he's reaching into his pocket for his car keys!! And yes, I did bring a change of clothes to the park. And I seriously cannot stop laughing at that second picture because when we got his hair cut, I specifically told the lady that he is obsessed with the Beatles, so don't cut it too short. And I swear to G-d, if that isn't a freaking Beatles haircut on his head.

So that's the first of my "Two Things"

The second thing?


I introduced that sucker to my belly this evening. It's called a "trigger" shot and it contains the medicine that tells the ovaries, "All right, suckers. Bring it!" In 36 hours, I've got a date with a pair of stirrups and a turkey baster. Hawt.


Sarah said...

I was just thinking to myself-- did she bring a change of clothes to the park when you said that you did-- LOVE it.

LOVE his hair, and you are right-- he is all man, sigh. So, so precious.

Good luck w/ the baster :)

Monica said...

What a cutie patootie!

Becca said...

What a cutiepie!!! He DOES look like a Beatle in that second picture! Hysterical.


Amy said...

Totally Beatle hair. And you are so right, you can totally see what he's going to look like!

Gooooooooo trigger shot!

MamaBear said...

I hate to break this to you, but that cheesy smile will last him well into his first year of kindergarten. You would not believe the hilarious "smiles" my students bust out the second you point a camera in their direction...and then there are those with the Chandler Bing affliction. Fun times!