Monday, November 02, 2009

Yeah, that "apple a day" stuff? Wrong.

I love me a good apple. Fall is my favorite month because I can go apple picking, make apple pie (okay, I haven't done either in a couple of years, but still...) and indulge in McIntosh apples, which everyone in their right minds knows is the best type of apple out there.

But guess what? I'm sick as a dog. And tomorrow I have to go to the doctor. So take that, apple farmers.

Last week I started with the hacking cough. And the low fever. And the sore-ish throat. And the swollen glands. I fought it, thinking I could heal myself with the power of my mind and apples. And advil. The fever did go away, and I assumed that the hacking cough, sore-ish throat and swollen glands would go the way of the fever in a matter of hours.

But I kept coughing. My throat kept hurting. My glands, they kept a-swelling. It's most difficult at night and early in the morning when I first wake up. My coughing is the cacophonous lullaby and rattling morning alarm clock in this house these days. Not pleasant for any of us. But I figured, hey no chills, no wheezing, no difficulty breathing. I'm good to go. This, too, shall pass.

And then tonight, a week after it went away, the fever came back. Again, not raging, but back. And now my ears hurt. And my throat hurts so badly that my tongue hurts. I'm so tired of feeling like crap. So tomorrow, even though I'm SURE their time would be better spent seeing patients who are feeling swiney, I'm going to subject some doctor to my whiney little malady and see what, if anything, we can do to make this all just go away.

Ugh. That is all.


Becca said...

Yuck! Feel better.

KMW said...

sounds yucky. apple picking sucks out here anyway.

Kayla said...

Yikes, sounds bad. Feel better soon!
By the way, Honey Crisp are actually the best apples. :)

Kate said...

First the toe, and now this ! Are you sure Northern CAlifornia is good for you?

Mo said...

I agree with Kayla—Honey Crisp ARE the best apples.

But since you don't feel well I won't push the point too hard. Hang in there!

Amy said...

You know I feel your pain!

And yes, honeycrisp are yum.