Sunday, November 15, 2009

You Say You Want a Revolution....For Chrismukkah?

Have you seen Restoration Hardware's holiday catalogue? No? Well, Ethan has. It looks like this:

Yeah, the Beatles. The Fab Four. The object of Ethan's obsession, like he was a 16 year old girl in 1962, screaming and fainting.

We were at the mall this past week and from across the hall, Ethan spied the catalogue in the store's door way. Amidst the crowd, he leapt from his moving stroller (one of those finger amputating Mclarens, damnit!) and ran through the people like a stunt man dodging traffic.

Of course we took a copy of the catalogue with us and the rest of the time we were at the mall, Ethan pointed out for me which guy on the cover was John, which was Paul and asked why one of them is named Ringo, since that's really not a name. He wanted to know where they were walking to and what Paul was talking about. And clearly, I have none of these answers.

I assumed that this catalogue would go the way of all other magazines or trinkets that catch Ethan's momentary, 3.5 year old attention span. I underestimated the obsession. Somehow, that catalogue has made it's way into our bedtime story rotation. Every night now we read Knuffle Bunny, Green Eggs & Ham, some crap about the Wonder Pets, and the Restoration Hardware holiday catalogue.

We leaf through the pages and Ethan regales us with stories of how John is going to ride his bike (there's a bike on pages 10-11) to the park or how Paul and Ringo are going to race their cars around the race track (pages 8-9). It's all very entertaining.

So I'm kind of in the market for a Beatles childrens' book. Know of any?


Becca said...

Hahahaha! What a cutie! He is so consistent!

We had to read a Target Baby coupon book as a bedtime story for about a week. Kids are weird.

Sarah said...

Awesome! What about the creepy Yellow Submarine cartoon? What a cool kid he is-- I have an old Beatles shirt of Harry's from BabyGap-- Jack is a bit preppy for it-- want me to send it? (it's a 2t)

Karen said...

This kid just cracks me up. Jim and I race to see who can read about him first. Check this gotta love Amazon!

I'm thinking Ethan needs the t-shirt, too. : ):) :)

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Paul was talking about? I absolutely love this stuff.

Uncle Al